Days 37 – 43

Download the Weekly Flyer Day 37: February 25 We pray for the countless number of lives have been horribly impacted by gun violence across our nation, most recently in Parkland, Florida. We join their friends and families in prayer as we advocate for stricter gun laws. Day 38: February 26 God, we pray for a […]

Days 30 – 36

Download the Weekly Flyer Day 30: Sunday, February 18 We pray for the benefit of countless people today and in the future that our nation’s elected and corporate leaders recognize that denying climate change is not an option. Give them wisdom to take appropriate action. Day 31: Monday, February 19 ON PRESIDENTS’ DAY, we pray […]

Days 23 – 29

Download this Week’s Flyer Day 23: Sunday, February 11 Today we pray for world leaders to work together to promote economic security, protect human rights, and foster world peace. Day 24: Monday, February 12 Today we pray that law enforcement and their local communities find solutions together to end gun violence in our neighborhoods. Day […]

Days 9 – 15

Download the Weekly Flyer Day 9: Sunday, January 28 Today we pray that Congress ensures that any border security measures included in any legislation be humane and that the sanctity of families and vulnerability of immigrants be recognized. Day 10: Monday, January 29 Today we pray that our sisters and brothers who have been devastated […]

Days 1 – 8

Download The Weekly Flyer Day 1: Saturday, January 20 Today we pray for children and young adults who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in danger of being deported from the only country they have known as home. Day 2: Sunday, January 21 Today we pray that our political leaders work together to plan solutions […]